Thursday, January 12, 2012

Assignments for Next Week

Thanks for all of your good work this week.
I am sure that your brain is full after an intense week!!

Here are the assignments for next week to help keep you organized:

1) Per the syllabus, read and post on your blog by Sunday night at midnight.

Assignment: Talking Points #5: Spend an hour exploring the websites and The Center for Working Class Studies ( Blog about what you found. Why/how is economic inequity a feminist issue? (NOTE: you do not need to use one of the format options for this blog post -- just answer the question above.)

2) Read my blog post for the week on Economic Injustice and leave me a comment by Monday night at midnight.

3) Read everyone's blog posts for the week and leave each person a comment by Monday night at midnight. (We strongly encourage you to comment back to the people who leave you comments -- you can do this in a new post or by leaving a comment on your own blog!)

4) Complete the reading and assignment for Wednesday's class and post to your blog by Tuesday night at midnight.

Readings: Ayvazian, “Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression;” visit Occupy websites online to explore what the Occupy movement is about.

Assignment: Talking Points #6 on Ayvazian and Occupy websites (posted to your blog by 1/17 @ midnight)

NOTE: We will be passing out the Final Exam in class.

5) Complete the reading and assignment for Thursday's class and post to your blog by Wednesday night at midnight.

Readings: Love and Helmbrecht, “Teaching the Conflicts”

Assignment: Talking Points #7 on Love & Helmbrecht (posted to your blog by 1/18 @ midnight)

Assignment: Prepare 2-4 minute Presentation on Final Exam Project (we will talk about this after we pass out the exam on Wednesday)

NOTE: Post on Occupy Experience is due Monday, January 23.

NOTE: Final Exam is due on Monday, January 23.


Kayla said...

I'm feeling a little over whelmed!!

Vanessa Brache said...

i agree with kayla....but we have gotten this far, so only shows we have little left and its crunch time!!!lets doooo it